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 We consult farmers who want to convert their farm to a plant-based agriculture. 

Are you a farmer currently involved in animal husbandry and curious about our consultation and services? We look forward to hearing from you via email, contact form or by phone. 

Together for a plant-based agriculture! 

We are an official Non-Governmental Organisation 

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What we offer

Our work is based on 3 pillars: 

  • Consulting farmers who want to convert their farm to a plant-based agriculture or animal sanctuary
  • Educational work
  • Active participation in political and societal debates on the topic of sustainable, plant-based agriculture and transfarmation

We consult

We offer free consultation for farmers who want to transform their current business into a plant-based business.

We provide comprehensive consulting services in the areas of plant-based agriculture, sustainability, strategy, marketing, social media, and customer relations. We assist farmers in optimizing their finances and pursuing long-term financial goals. 

The consulting process 

 We accompany businesses throughout the entire conversion process. Our free consultation is tailored to the individual situation and flexible.

After initial contact, there is a first conversation via phone or Zoom call, along with filling out the initial contact form. This is followed by visits to the farm and on-site discussions. Additional consultation contacts take place as needed. Apart from that, we assist in building a network with potential product consumers, customers, and experts.

In addition to consultation, we also provide a peer network. Here, farmers in the process of conversion benefit from tips and experiences shared by those who have already successfully transformed their operations. 

We educate and take part in political debates

 We are discussing the topic of sustainable plant-based agriculture and the crucial agricultural and food transition. At the same time, we introduce the concept of TransFARMation and provide information on the numerous reasons and possibilities of plant-based agriculture. To achieve this, we visit (agricultural) universities and other educational institutions, as well as attend political and societal events.

Do you have an idea for an event that we should be part of or an interactive presentation that we should deliver? Then, we look forward to receiving a message via our email, social media, or LinkedIn! 


Why Transfarmation?

Being a farmer  can be a wonderful and meaningful profession with a strong connection to nature. The profession of a farmer is of enormous importance for human nutrition and can make a significant contribution to climate goals.

However, animal husbandry requires long hours and a seven-day working week.  In addition, dependencies on subsidies, high loans and climate change pressures can be stressfull circumanstances which many farmers are facing.  For those, who have ever wondered if there are alternatives to animal husbandry without having to give up the profession of being a farmer: You are right here!

Through the so-called transformation of meat, dairy- and egg farms towards plant-based farming, we promote a sustainable and future-oriented agriculture, from which humans, animals, and the environment can benefit in the long term. Our vision is a sustainable and future-oriented agriculture so that future generations can have healthy soils and a livable life on this planet.

Potential of a Transfarmation (Transition from animal husbandry to plant-based agriculture) 

Every farm conversion is unique. Plant-based agriculture offers countless opportunities to run a successful business. There are various ways to establish diverse sources of income and pillars of support. Some options include:

Food production 

  • Cultivation of legumes as a plant-based protein source and to enhance soil quality
  • Production of fruits and vegetables
  • Cultivation of medicinal herbs and spices for the sale of local products
  • Agroforestry systems
  • Specialication in ancient varieties, for example, grains like Emmer and Kamut 

Repurposing of existing structures

  • Cultivation of mushrooms in former or repurposed barns
  • Transformation of barns into greenhouses with raised beds or hydroponics 

Innovative further developments  

  • Agritourism: Opening a guesthouse, farm tours, farm café
  • Renewable energy production
  • Educational initiatives: Seminars and training on plant-based agriculture
  • Sanctuary model for farm animals 

The agricultural and food transition

We are at the onset of an agricultural and dietary shift towards more plant-based products.

Advantages on many levels

 A plant-based agriculture without animal husbandry offers numerous benefits, not only for animals but also for humans and the planet. Due to climate change, numerous civilization-related diseases, and for environmental and animal welfare reasons, we urgently need an agricultural and nutritional transformation towards a plant-based agriculture and diet. 

Together we can make it happen!

To bring about change together, we must stand united as a society and explore new , bold and innovative possibilities. We all want to leave behind a livable planet for the next generations. At Transfarmation Austria, we support farmers in the agricultural and nutritional transformation - for a sustainable and future-oriented world!

 How can plant-based agriculture counteract world hunger? 


 Currently, 783 million people go to bed hungry daily whilst 1.9 billiion are overweight.  Half of the inhabitable land on our planet is used for agriculture, with 80% of this land being dedicated to the production of animal products. However, animal products contribute to only 18% of the calories produced. This highlights that plant-based agriculture is significantly more calorie-efficient. 

Agriculture has a significant impact on our environment


 Plant-based agriculture is significantly more resource-efficient compared to animal agriculture: The water consumption per calorie for beef is twenty times higher than that for grains. Additionally, the water consumption per gram of protein in dairy, eggs, and chicken meat is 1.5 times higher than that in legumes.

Good for the environment 

 Plant-based products are clearly superior to animal products in terms of environmental protection. The production of animal products results in increased environmental impact, higher greenhouse gas emissions, reduced groundwater quality, and the spread of veterinary drugs in our soils and waters. 

TIme for change 

 The  harmful effects associated with agriculture and the wasteful use of resources in our current food production system indicate that something is seriously amiss in our dietary system. It is now time to transition to a  plant-based agriculture and produce/consume more plant-based products. 

Plant-based is good for the animals, too!

Currently, over 100 billion animals are killed worldwide every year for animal products. Through transformation consultation, we promote the production and consumption of plant-based products - ultimately reducing animal suffering. Together for an economic, sustainable, and future-oriented plant-based agriculture!

Get to know our team 

Dr. Doris Schneeberger

Business Development

Doris is the founder of Transfarmation Austria. Her focus is on business development in addition to change management and process facilitation.

Doris is an animal ethicist and social and economic scientist. Her passion is to work for a better future for all sentient beings.

Esther Kronthaler, Master of Science

Press officer, social media management, consultant

Esther holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's degree in Plant Biotechnology with a focus on "Plants for Human and Animal Health". During her studies she was a member of the "Wageningen Alternative Protein Project". 

Her goal in life is to contribute to a fair and livable world for humans and animals on a healthy planet.

In her leisure time, Esther loves to hike, spend time in nature, play piano and dance salsa.

Sucessfull Transfarmations 

The provided examples below illustrate that transitioning from animal husbdandry to plant-based agriculture can be very successful and fulfilling and should serve as inspiration. These are just a few selected farmers, and the page will be regularly updated. Enjoy reading! 

Johann Kofler-Mair- The vegetable farmer and financial advisor


 In Upper Austria, a former dairy  farmer who became plant based  successfully converted his farm to an organic vegetable cultivation business with direct marketing, called the "Wurzgarten". As a second pillar,  cooking workshops are offered by his wife. The farm is managed according to the concept of "Market Gardening", i.e., without huge monocultures or intermediaries. The farm has established itself successfully. In addition, the farmer Johann also offers financial consultations. (© Der Wurzgarten)

Daniel Hausmann- The biocyclic vegan farmer

A transitioned farmer becomes a trans-farmation consultant: Daniel Hausmann from Leipzig took over his father's conventionally operated cattle farm  and converted the farm to a bio-vegan agriculture business within two years: The cowshed was turned into a farm shop, and vegetable boxes are also offered. Currently, 65 hectares are successfully managed, and organic olive oil from Greece is also marketed. (© Thomas Victor)

The Möller-Brothers: Takeover and conversion of the parental farm

An example of the younger generation are the Möller brothers from Schleswig-Holstein, aged 25 and 26 respectively. Starting in 2026, the brothers will take over the parental farm, which specialized in dam-raised calf rearing. However, they aim to continue the operation without any animal husbandry and transform it into a model farm for plant based agriculture. The future pillars of the farm include bio-cyclic vegan vegetable cultivation, rental of apartments, and the establishment of an educational program in the region to raise societal awareness of animal ethics and bio-cyclic vegan farming. The brothers are fortunate to have supportive parents behind them. The Möller brothers serve as role models for a young generation of farmers who aim to forge new paths. (© Maik and Marco Möller)

Transfarmation worldwide

Swiss - Hof Narr

Hof Narr - Wonderful beings gathered in an inspiring place near Zurich. Transfarmation consulting is provided by Sarah Heiligtag & Florian Sisolefski.

In this video the people behind the project introduce themselves.

Germany - Transfarmation Germany 

A team of five people is involved in transfarmation consulting with expertise, heart and soul. Matthias Welzel talks about Transfarmation Germany in this video.

USA - The Transfarmation Project 

The Transfarmation Project, launched by the animal welfare organization Mercy For Animals, offers transfarmation consulting in the US. The team around Leah Garcés facilitates transfarmations with expertise and commitment. This video gives an insight into the work of the Transfarmation Project.

What is...

Transfarmation Austria 

Transfarmation Austria is an NGO. Our consulting services are free of charge for our clients.

Our mission is to provide effective and expert support to farmers who want to transfarm their farm into a sanctuary or to plant-based business. We work for the wellbeing of all animals and promote sustainable and climate-conscious agriculture in Austria.

The idea of TransFARMation consulting originated with the Narr farm in Switzerland and Transfarmation Austria builds on this idea.

For more information:

... a vegan sanctuary? 

A vegan sanctuary is dedicated to taking in and caring for animals that were kept in the past, for example, for human use. These animals are kept on the farm under species-appropriate conditions and are given a life in dignity. However, a vegan sanctuary is not only a place where animals are housed, but also an institution that promotes a vegan lifestyle and thus avoids the use of animal products. 

Vegan sanctuaries in Austria 

Here's the article on the topic of vegan sanctuaries in Austria. (Copyright content and photos: Vegane Gesellschaft Österreich)


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